No trip in Rajasthan is completed without a visit to the Bishnoi villages like Guda Bishnoiyan , Kakani and Khejarli. Khejarli is the village where 363 men and women sacrificed their lives to protect the green trees.

One can choose between camel, Jeep and camel-cart safaris. Enroute to Bishnoi villages, one can see desert wild life, like black bucks, chinkaras, blue bulls, Desert foxes, hares, partridges.

Visitors can enjoy a view of thousands of migratory Demosil Cranes during September to march at Guda lake and nearby places. On the way to safari visitors can see the craftsman on work and shepherds, farmers.

– Jeep Safari
– Camel Safari
– Village walk and Camel Cart Safari
– Bird watching at Guda lake
– Cultural programme & folk dances